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As I attempt to orient the windy and often treacherous roads that encapsulate life, here are some of my thoughts on the successes, failures and ultimately the hope and positivity in which I strive for a better world. I also hope that I can use this blog as a platform to elevate the social justice issues that are somewhat forgotten in the modern discourse of staying silent on issues that challenge. Sx

An open letter to 2017.

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Dear 2017,

I composed a similar letter at the beginning of last year, however in that rendition I was looking back and paying gratitude to a timeframe which contributed to significant self growth. This time around I wanted to write this addressed to you as I look forward to the adventures that are yet to come.

As I embark upon this journey with you I pledge to take every step forward with purpose and intent . The gift that 2016 gave to me was to understand that my path is my own and instead of possessing a victim mentality in which I allow life to happen to me, I need to be more front-footed about my approach.

As we spend the next 347 or so days together, I will be open to challenges, new opportunities, new people and all encompassing love. I will not shy away from being free and wild in this existence as I explore all that is to be offered to me.

I pledge to further nurture my creativity and continue to colour outside of the lines. I intend for this whilst all the time understanding the delicate and fickle nature of human life, and taking every stride forward with a sense of gratitude but also immense fallibility.

I do however understand that there will be lows in which I won’t fathom when or where I lose my direction, or stray off course. But I give you my word that this will not alter the rest of my journey nor taint the future encounters we have together.

At the core of it all, I trust in you and what you have in store for me this year. I will remain resolute in my fervour for this life and continue to be intentional about the decisions I make.

To you 2017, with love and anticipation.




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