I blog for Change…

As I attempt to orient the windy and often treacherous roads that encapsulate life, here are some of my thoughts on the successes, failures and ultimately the hope and positivity in which I strive for a better world. I also hope that I can use this blog as a platform to elevate the social justice issues that are somewhat forgotten in the modern discourse of staying silent on issues that challenge.

DAY 10 – Give a Gratuity Tip

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So we all tend to make ‘To Do’ Lists in order to prioritise the things that need to get done every day, but today my gratuity tip that I am going to offer is to make a ‘To Don’t’ List. For me, this serves as a daily reminder of all the things I shouldn’t be doing. Check mine out:

  • Don’t check Facebook every minute of the day
  • Don’t wallow in regret & self pity
  • Don’t take your loved ones for granted
  • Don’t compare your life and its accomplishments to others
  • Don’t lose hope in love and life
  • Don mould yourself to suit someone else’s wants and expectations
  • Don’t be negative, no matter what
  • Don’t say no to everything
  • Don’t give up on yourself
  • Don’t stifle your gifts and creativity
  • Don’t live in the past
  • Don’t let past mistakes or failures taint your present
  • Don’t forget your achievements or your future potential

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